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Skytrain Studios
5830 Monticello Ave
Dallas, TX 75206

Contact:  Robert Bloss
Phone:  214.724.4471

Platform – iPhone 4S and up, iPad 2 and up, and iPod touch 5th Gen

Release date:  August 20, 2013

Take to the skies for an out of this world fantasy flying adventure! Go for the gold in addicting Tournament mode, or explore at your leisure in Free Flight mode!

You play as Lucky, a fearless adrenaline-fueled rabbit trying to etch his name in the pillars of history as the greatest competitor to ever live!

The game features two unique game modes – Tournament and Free Flight. In Tournament mode you fly through levels dodging hazards and racking up the highest score possible. In Free Flight mode you soar like an eagle exploring the magical world of Cloud Spin at your own pace.

Put on your flight suit and get ready, this is one adventure you’re not going to want to miss! –

• Highly addictive, fast paced multiplier based gameplay in tournament mode
• Soar through the skies like an eagle in free flight mode
• Smooth, intuitive swipe controls
• 2 unique game modes and 10 custom levels
• Gamecenter achievement and leaderboard support

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