Summer 2016
February 26th, 2016

Be prepared for explosive update on our current project! Lot’s of fast-paced action coming your way!

Cloud Spin for the iPhone!
March 6th, 2014

Celebrating the universal launch Cloud Spin is half price for one week ending March 13th!  Check out the game here!

Seasonal Update Released!
November 13th, 2013

We just released a seasonal update for Cloud Spin with two new bonus levels!  Check it out here!

Capsule Computers Review!
September 4th, 2013

“All in all, Cloud Spin is fun, simple and beautiful.” 08/26/13
Check out the full article here!

Arcade Sushi Review!
September 4th, 2013

“Skytrain Studios definitely aims for a game that refuses to stay grounded with any kind of creative restraints, and it’s that risk which turns a $1.99 app into a one of a kind experience.” 08/30/13           Click here to read the full article!

Great TouchArcade Playthrough!
September 4th, 2013

Check out this great playthrough from TouchArcade!

TouchArcade Review!
August 29th, 2013

“Simply put, Cloud Spin [$1.99 (HD)] is one of the best looking iPad indie apps I’ve seen in quite some time.”   08/29/13                     Click here to read the article!

148Apps Review!
August 22nd, 2013

“Working refreshingly well, free of micro-transactions and complexities, Cloud Spin is good, solid fun.”  08/22/13             Click here to read the article!

App Advice!
August 21st, 2013

“This fantasy-filled flight simulator will take you on a high-flying adventure to places that no rabbit has gone before.” 08/20/13          Click here to read the article!

August 21st, 2013

“A gorgeous flying adventure starring a wingsuit-wearing rabbit named Lucky, Cloud Spin may be the most attractive new design I’ve seen soar into the App Store in a long time.” 08/20/13

       Click here to read the article!